I was born and grown-up in an average town in the south of the Netherlands called Heerlen.

As many Dutch I’m grown-up with riding bikes. I started an active BMX career in 1979 at the age of 9. After winning regional races and championships I became Dutch Champion 1985. Unfortunately in 1987 I had to quit BMX racing as there was no longer any BMX track in my area. I sold my BMX bike (still regret it) and bought a mountainbike. I never reached the level in mountainbiking as in BMX racing. A top 30 spot during an UCI Worldcup was my best result. In 2009, a new BMX track opened in Landgraaf close to my hometown Heerlen. I became active as BMX Dad, rider and board member of  TWC Maaslandster Zuid-Limburg taking care about the BMX part of the cycling club. Over the last 8 years we did build a sustainable BMX club with 50-60 members taking part in all kind of races.

A second passion from me is photography, with a specialty in BMX. Every year I make pictures at the big races in the Netherlands and Belgium. Pleasing a lot of riders with action photos of them selves. Regularly I got request from some pro’s if they may use my pictures for Social Media, Newspapers, Brochures or Magazines which results in friendships. Due to these friendships I’m able to organise special events with these riders for our BMX club.

For those who are guessing were the name Mister[O] comes from…… I’m wearing OAKLEY since I started racing BMX and still today you won’t see me without O glasses.


Enjoy my work!